Lloyd Rauch was born in 1925 in New York City. Lloyd’s family was Jewish. He was in college when the war broke out, and he was drafted at 18 years old. Lloyd went overseas in February 1945 and moved through France, Belgium, and Holland. Lloyd and his unit then went on to Germany.

On April 29, 1945 they saw a structure that resembled a prison. It was Dachau concentration camp. Lloyd saw “walking skeletons”—the withered and wasted remaining prisoners. They appeared happy to see the soldiers. Lloyd and the other soldiers wanted to feed them but survivors required medical care first. Lloyd recalled his sergeant opening a railroad car and dead bodies falling out onto him. They stayed for only an hour as they had to move on to meet the Russians. Lloyd never forgot what he saw at Dachau.

After the war ended, Lloyd returned to the United States. He was discharged as a private first class in January 1946. He married and had two daughters. Lloyd became dedicated to volunteerism with his community.

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