Currently on Display in the Estelle and Stuart Price Gallery:

On Display November – March 2024

Forgeries and The Holocaust
On display October 2023 through March 2024

Forgeries and The Holocaust explores how not all items that claim a connection to the Holocaust are truly from that period. Sadly, some were specifically created after the fact for sale to unsuspecting buyers and collectors.

The exhibit will show a variety of artifacts donated to our Museum. Each item was carefully researched as to its authenticity or falsification by our Staff. Our permanent collection of over 1,000 artifacts, documents and photographs includes authentic artifacts donated by SWFL Holocaust Survivors, Liberators, their families and other people interested in our Education mission. However, we have also been given items of questionable authenticity. They may have been collected or purchased in good faith, but upon research, turned out to be forgeries or completely made up, which often was news to the donors.

With Forgeries and the Holocaust, we hope to not only highlight how forgery and faking of artifacts is done, but help the community understand that these items circulate to this day. With this knowledge, we hope that we can reduce the possibility of being sold questionable artifacts and reduce the market for these false items.

Before you visit this exhibit, look closely at the two stars here. One of them is an authentic artifact, the other is a post-Holocaust forgery. Can you tell which is which?


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