Currently on Display in the Estelle and Stuart Price Gallery:

"Art After the Holocaust - Selected Works from the Museum's Collection" On display May 3, 2022 through August 31, 2022

Since the end of World War II, artists have used a variety of media to convey their interpretations of the people, locations and events involved in the Holocaust.

Whether they were Survivors themselves, lost family members and friends, or are viewing the Holocaust from a more contemporary viewpoint, the artists' works forge an important connection for us between past and present. From the Holocaust to the genocides since, the artists use their work to encourage us to think more deeply about how we treat each other.

Over the years, the Museum has been gifted a variety of Holocaust-themed artwork. "Art After the Holocaust" exhibits a cross-section of the holdings in our permanent collection, which includes photography, prints, oil paintings and sculptures. Among the works in the exhibit are:

- Black and White photographic images of contemporary Auschwitz by Arnold M. Hodes
- Pencil drawings of pre-Holocaust Life in Eastern Europe by Sander Gordon Bergman
- Oil paintings created by Bill Farnsworth for the children's book Irena Sendler and the
Children of the Warsaw Ghetto
- Woodcut print portrait of Elie Wiesel by Sr. Mary Charles McGough
- “Train Track Sculpture” Maquette by Julia Balk
- “Bust of Raoul Wallenberg” by Ladislav Vina

"Art After the Holocaust" will be on display through August 31, 2022. When you come to visit this exhibit, you will also notice throughout the Museum several larger pieces on permanent display. These donated works include “Flames of Remembrance” by Hans Godo Fräbel in the Lerner Classroom, “Real People ... Real Numbers” by Henry Schiowitz in Gallery One, and “In Honor” Boxcar model by Carl A. Schenk in Gallery Two.

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