Dora Priever

dora prieverDate of Birth:  May 12, 1903

Dora Priever resided with her husband Schama, and their two children in Paris, France.  As a busy homemaker, Dora worked hard to create a wonderful home life for her family.  She kept the house very clean and was a wonderful cook.  “She would make the most fantastic dinners,” her daughter Rosette recalls, “she had the whole family over for holiday dinners and it was a treat to be invited to her house.”

When conditions became dangerous for the Jews in France, Dora’s family had to overcome daily challenges to survive.  “She would go to the shoemaker and come back with a dozen eggs.  She would go to the drycleaners and come back with a chicken, ” Rosette remembers.

As a woman who was prepared to protect her children, Dora decided to send her son out of Paris.  Cautiously, she sewed money in his pants and jackets.  She was happy to learn that he had successfully escaped and joined the underground resistance.  She and her husband also decided to send their daughter away to a home in a free zone in the south of France.

Although Dora and her husband both perished at Auschwitz, they were able to save their two children, Rosette and Bernard.  Rosette volunteers her time with the Holocaust Museum and Education Center of Southwest Florida to share her family’s story.

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