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Holocaust Museum & Cohen Education Center

Survivor Takes Stage

Appeared in AUGUST 24, 2017 Neopolitan

Sabine van Dam of Naples and her sister were 4 and 9 years old when their family put on all clothes they could wear, loaded their coat linings with valuables and slipped out the door of their Polish home forever. The sisters were close to the age of schoolchildren who will see their chilling story this year wherever the drama “In Flight: The Story of Sabine van Dam” is invited in Collier County schools. It’s a collaboration between the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida and Gulfshore Playhouse, based on van Dam’s life.

Their family hid in abandoned houses and used their last possessions to bribe Nazi informants. Still, they didn’t run far enough or fast enough, as the children will learn.

“In Flight” is meant to make fourth through sixth graders think and ask questions about intolerance and discrimination. It cuts an even sharper edge after the political events of the last two weeks, as Hester Kamin (KAY-min), director of education for Gulfshore Playhouse notes.

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