Curator and Points of Light award winner, Lorie Mayer, has been collecting articles pertaining to the Holocaust and other genocides since the inception of the Museum.

The Docent Portal is designed to be a resource for Museum Docents and the interested general public.  Think of it as an electronic scrapbook loaded with information and facts.

When possible we provide a link to the original source. If no source or link is known we do our best to provide some attribution. We in no way suggest that we own or originated any of the articles. We hope that people will use the articles, links, and sources in pursuit of furthering Holocaust and other genocide education. Articles range from the Naples Daily News to publications by Yad Vashem.

If you recognize or own the article please let us know and we will gladly provide the attribution.

Holocaust resource collection

Holocaust 1944 Desperate Acts Why Wasn’t Auschwitz Bombed undated

Other Genocides resource collection

Sudan Govt Darfur Rebels Nigeria Naples Daily News 10.5.2005

Volunteer Continuing Education

Dr. Craig T. Palmer’s PowerPoint presentation on Muslims who risked Their Lives to Save Jews during the Holocaust; Overview and Sources of Information 


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